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Too Much Media provides several add-on services for our products. Please browse the list below and, if you are interested in any of these services, please contact us.

  • Hosted NATS

    Are you looking to change your NATS hosting provider? Allow Too Much Media to host your NATS installation. We handle your server maintenance, upgrades, backups, and regularly monitor your system to ensure that all parts are working optimally.

    See NATS Pricing for details
  • Product Server Move

    Changing servers? A Too Much Media technician can move your NATS or CARMA program to your new server. We'll install and test NATS or CARMA on the new server, copy the database to the new server, and setup the background jobs. Once we start the server move, we'll stay with it until it's completed -- guaranteeing the minimal amount of downtime and ensuring the job is done right.

    Price: $215 one-time charge
  • Standard Remote Backup Service

    Your business depends on your affiliate and sales data. If you lose that, you could lose everything. Hosts sometimes provide backup services, but to be safe as possible, we offer an additional remote data backup service. We will backup your database data and templates to our server three times a week and, if your hard drive crashes or you lose data, we will reinstall our software and re-import all of your data at no extra cost.

    Price: $82 monthly fee
  • Daily Remote Backup Service

    Our standard backup service protects your from losing more than two days of affiliate and sales data, but if you want to reduce the amount of data you could lose, we suggest our daily remote backup service. You get everything in the standard backup service, but we backup your data four more times every week. The daily backup service is the best way to protect your data.

    Price: $165 monthly fee
  • Standard Support Package

    Only applies to NATS Outright or CARMA Outright. The monthly lease for NATS or CARMA includes the standard support. Your Outright purchase includes one year of standard technical support. After the first year, you can purchase a support contract or pay for each support issue. Please contact us for a price.

    Price: per Product