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NATS comes with all of the features you need to run an affiliate program, but you can add new features to your system using the following modules. If you're interested in any of these modules, please contact us.

  • Gallery Builder Module

    The NATS Gallery Builder module makes it easy to send galleries to your affiliates. You add a series of rules that can apply to an unlimited number of galleries. Then publishing a new gallery adtool is as easy as uploading your pictures or videos to a web server.

    Price: $110 one-time charge
  • BYOA (Build Your Own Anything) Module

    The Build Your Own Anything (BYOA) module from Too Much Media lets your NATS affiliates build their own tours and advertising tools for inclusion in your affiliate program. They can create site tours, banners, hosted galleries, and full and half page ads for any of your sites. You can pay the affiliate who created the ad tool or tour a commission on all sales that tool generates. For example, you can pay a bonus of $1 for each sale generated by a tour they created.

    Price: $1,100 one-time charge or $55 monthly fee
  • NATS Remote Backup Service

    Your business depends on your affiliate and sales data. If you lose that, you could lose everything. Hosts sometimes provide backup service, but to be safe as possible, we offer a NATS data backup service. We will backup all of your NATS database data and templates to our server three times a week and, if your hard drive crashes or you lose data, we reinstall NATS and re-import all of your data at no extra cost.

    Price: $82 monthly fee
  • Extended Stats and Payouts

    Most affiliate programs don't need Extended Stats and Payouts. It lets NATS pay affiliates for non-standard events. For example: it can pay when a surfer submits their email, downloads software, or accepts a free join. If you want to pay affiliates for events besides clicks, joins, and rebills, you need this module.

    Price: Free
  • Content of the Day Module

    The Content of the Day (COTD) module takes set of photos or videos and publishes it in a static location so affiliates can visit the same page every day and get new content.

    Price: please contact us for a price

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