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NATS has a broad range of features that cover everything you need to run an efficient affiliate program. We've listed below 100 of the features that made NATS the one of the most widely used affiliate management systems. After reading the feature list below, we recommend you try our live NATS demo or request a personal demonstration of NATS.

  • Entirely Hosted on Your Server

    Every part of NATS runs on your server. The NATS system does not rely Too Much Media's servers for anything. If our servers go down, your affiliate program stays up.

  • No Programming Required

    Configure NATS and manage your affiliate program with our intuitive web interface. You don't need a programmer to setup or run your NATS affiliate program � if you can use a Web browser, you can use NATS.

  • All Stats and Numbers 100% Live

    NATS provides statistics in real time. As soon as the data is recorded, it appears in your reports. Note: billers don't always send rebill or credit information to NATS live, but as soon as NATS receives their information, it is available to you.

  • Fully Templated via an Advanced Skin System

    You can full customize NATS's look and feel. Our skin system gives total flexibility in both how your program looks and works. We include attractive default templates so you can get started without making any customizations. You can make an unlimited number of skins for admins, affiliates, account reps, or any combination of the above.

  • Template Color Themes

    Use the new Customize Theme CSS Colors feature to quickly and easily modify the colors of your templates. The basic settings let you quickly change how your template looks, and the advanced settings let you customize every element on your page.

  • Language Files

    NATS 4.1 now allows for Language Files to be used with your templates. This lets you offer multiple languages for your affiliate pages without having to completely re-code them to do so.

  • Automatic Event-Based Emails to Members, Affiliates, and Administrators

    NATS can send emails to members, affiliates, and administrators based on events. For example: administrators can be notified if a biller poll fails and affiliates can be notified about sales they referred.

  • Sensitive Data Encrypted

    NATS stores sensitive data—like member email addresses—in encrypted database fields. This helps NATS comply with international privacy policies, and safeguard stored information.

  • IP Address Restrictions

    You can easily restrict access to the administrative sections of NATS by IP address. This is one of the simplest and most powerful ways for keeping hackers out.

  • Custom Adtool Types

    Add your own custom adtool types to NATS, then fully customize each available adtool type using the Smarty Templating Engine. NATS supports any adtool type you want to add.

  • Multiple Currency Support

    NATS supports all major currencies and can convert all transactions into its base currency. This gives you the freedom to do business around the world.

  • Detailed Admin Overview

    The Admin Overview is the first thing you'll see when you log in as an administrator. This shows a quick snapshot of your program's performance for Today, Yesterday, Past 7 Days, Past 30 Days, Past 90 Days, and Past 365 Days. There's a profit and loss graph, a traffic and joins graph, and a breakdown of overall stats by program type. You can even see your top sites by joins and ratio, your newest affiliates, your top affiliates by money earned and ratio, as well as your worst performing affiliates.

  • Unlimited Restrictable Admin Accounts

    You can add an unlimited number of administrator accounts to NATS. Each administrator account can have full access or any level of limited access. For example: you can restrict your accountant's account to financial data and restrict your designer's account to templates.

  • Full Administration Reports

    NATS's many administrator reports provide detailed information about your program. You can focus each report on a specific date range, affiliate, site, program, or biller to examine your data in detail.

  • Affiliate Override

    Administrators can temporarily view NATS the way the affiliate sees it. This feature lets administrators provide total support to their affiliates.

  • Fully Featured Account Representatives

    Account representatives help provide support to your affiliates, and acquire new business. Account representatives can see all of the statistics and reports about the affiliates assigned to them in NATS. You can pay your account representatives a flat rate, a commission, or a combination�with or without performance requirements.

  • Unlimited Site Partners

    NATS allows you to create sites with one or more partners. Partners receive a percentage of the site's profit. You can set the percentage to any value.

  • Affiliates Admin

    The affiliates admin lists your affiliates and lets you perform a full data search to find an affiliate record. You can override the affiliate, update their info, make notes on an affiliate, set their payouts, add or remove them from a specific payout program, view their profit and loss report, disable or ban them, and delete them through the affiliates admin.

  • Manual Sales

    Manually add sales to your affiliates. Manual sales can include any field that can be part of a normal transaction in NATS.

  • Members Admin

    The members admin accesses data about all of your website members. NATS keeps data for members who didn't join, inactive members, and active members. You can search all members in the system to view their status or view and edit their detailed information.

  • Manual Members

    Manually add members to your websites. Any data field that is part of a normal member record can be added to your manually-added member.

  • Automatic or Manual Affiliate Approval

    Configure NATS to activate affiliates automatically when they sign-up, or have NATS wait until an administrator approves the new accounts before activating them.

  • Popups, Exits, and Includes Administration

    NATS includes a fully featured file inclusion admin to create console tours. Configure popup and exit chains based on sites, programs, or affiliates. By using this feature, you can fully customize a specific site or affiliate's tours.

  • Program Changes

    Popups, exits, and includes can change the program so that you can perform special actions in specific situations. For example: you can use an exit pop-up to make a special discount offer to the consumer before they leave your website.

  • Full Payments Admin for Generating Payments

    The Payments Admin generates affiliate payments and gives you access pending, stored, and sent payments. Keeping all payments in one spot lets you quickly access historical payment data.

  • Configure Payout Timeframe

    You may choose to pay your affiliates weekly, twice a month, once a month, or on any schedule you choose. You can also delay payments by a specific time frame to help prevent fraud.

  • Unlimited Configurable Payout Methods

    You can pay affiliates using any method you want. NATS calls payment methods "Pay Via" types. Each pay via method has its own configurable output format. At the end of every pay period, NATS creates an output file for each pay via type that contains the record for each affiliate who met the minimum payout for that period.

  • Custom Payout Methods

    Enter your own custom payout methods using the simple web interface. This lets you pay affiliates using any method that you want.

  • Manual Invoices

    You can manually generate a payment that will be sent to the affiliate in the next payment. Your manual payment can be a bonus or the correction for a previous error.

  • Affiliate and Member Notes System

    NATS provides a convenient note keeping system for both affiliates and members. Admins can use these systems to support and document their relationships with affiliates, as well as members. The NATS anti-fraud system also automatically adds notes with information about potential fraud.

  • Fully Featured Reward Points and Store System

    Give your affiliates reward points as a bonus for the joins, conversions, and rebills that they refer with the automated NATS Rewards System. Take points away as a penalty for credits and chargebacks. You can then create an online rewards store in your NATS affiliate program, where affiliates can use their points to purchase the prizes or bonuses you offer.

  • Extensive E-Mailing System for Affiliates

    Use the NATS e-mail system to send mail to both your affiliates and members with either one-time or repeating e-mails. E-mails can be sent in both HTML and plain text, and use Smarty variables to format the e-mail. NATS provides many variables so that you can personalize e-mails and send useful information to the recipients. You can email affiliates their sales every week, email them a reminder once per month if they haven't sent any traffic in the past 30 days, email members when they cancel, and send e-mails for many other actions.

  • Complete Ad Tools Admin

    NATS supports banners, hosted galleries, downloadable content, interactive adtools, page ads, and hosted free sites by default. If that's not enough, you can also add custom adtools of any type later. NATS automatically adds an affiliate's tracking code to the advertisement the affiliate gets their advertisements.

  • Affiliate Messaging System

    The Affiliate Messages system helps affiliates communicate with referred affiliates and support. This lets affiliates keep their messages organized and stay up-to-date.

  • Cross Sell Support

    NATS includes both incoming and outgoing cross-sale tracking for several billers. This lets you sell products from other merchants and get credit for the sales from the other merchant.

  • Up Sell Support

    NATS fully supports up-selling—convincing customers to buy more expensive versions of your products and services. NATS's up-sell support includes instant upgrades.

  • Unlimited Programs of Any Type

    NATS does not limit you to partnership, per click, and per join programs. You can create as many program types as you want with any payout combination you choose. You can create the classic 50% revenue sharing or $35 per join type programs, or you can create a program that pays $0.02 cents per click and 40% revenue sharing or $5 per join plus 65% of rebills or any combination you can imagine.

  • Private Programs

    Each NATS program can have an unlimited number of affiliates. Set up public programs that automatically enroll all affiliates, or create private programs where you manually enroll selected affiliates.

  • Site Specific Programs

    Each program can contain all or some of the sites in your program. This lets you pay affiliates different values for different sites. NATS's overall program configuration lets you make your affiliate program work any way you choose.

  • Payouts configurable per Affiliate, Site Option and Program

    Once the default payouts for each program has been configured in NATS, you may override the payout for a specific affiliate, tour, country, biller, or site. This lets you change an individual affiliate's pay rate without having to create an entirely new program for the higher rate, and also allows you to pay different rates for promoting different sites.

  • Unlimited Payout Tiers

    You can increase your profitability by adding sliding payment scales. For example, joins one through 10 earn $30 each, joins 11 through 30 earn $35 each, and joins 31 and up earn $40 each. Qualifying sales can accrue for the life of the affiliate or reset after each period or month. You can also retroactively apply payout tiers to the current payout period.

  • Bonus Days

    You may want to encourage your affiliates using bonus days. For example: you can offer affiliates an extra $5 per sale every Friday or 70% instead of 50% for a special promotional period.

  • Unlimited Affiliate Referral Tiers

    Many affiliate programs pay affiliates a percentage commission for referring new affiliates. NATS lets you create an affiliate referral program with one or more tiers.

  • Per Active (Full or Convert Trial) Member Payouts

    In addition to paying affiliates for raw, unique, or qualified clicks, for each join, and for each rebill, you can also pay affiliates for each "full" member. This means any member which joins a non-trial membership option or converts from a trial to a full member. This allows you to run an active member payout program.

  • Unlimited Sites

    You may have as many sites as you would like within your affiliate program. You can easily add and modify sites using the Sites Admin.

  • Unlimited Site Tours

    You can add an unlimited number of tours to each site and customize the the join page and email templates for each tour. Administrators and affiliates can view statistics for each tour.

  • Unlimited Price Points with Unique Payouts

    You can configure the price points (product codes) for each site. You can add and unlimited number of price points; each price point can have its own payout. You can activate or deactivate a price point for a specific program or affiliate.

  • Per Site & Tour E-Mail Templates

    NATS can send emails when a member joins, cancels, rebills, credits, and chargebacks. You can set which emails get sent on a site-by-site basis.

  • Per Tour Join Pages

    Each tour can have its own join page design so you can maintain the look and feel of each tour throughout the entire user experience.

  • Per-Tour Approval, Denial, and Upgrade Templates

    NATS can manage the approval and denial pages for joins and upgrades through each tour. This lets you display membership information to the customer after they're approved. You can customize these pages for each tour so they match the particular tour. You can also use these templates to redirect the member to another site.

  • Advanced Postback System

    The NATS postback system lets you send information to a URL each time a specified event occurs. You can do nifty things like populating a customer service database or flagging a membership database every time a join occurs. NATS itself uses the biller postback URLs to keep track of member account status. Because NATS issues the postbacks, your scripts only need to interpret one postback format even if you use a dozen different billers. NATS can postback on any of the following events: approval, denial, upgrade approval, upgrade denial, rebill, credit, chargeback, and expire.

  • Fully Detailed Stats Interface

    Affiliate's see real-time statistics. Affiliates can display statistics from a specific date range, site, or campaign. Affiliates can view raw, unique, and qualified clicks, joins, join ratio, rebills, credits, chargebacks, and their payout. Affiliates can get even more statistics for specific situations.

  • Customizable Affiliate Dashboard

    Affiliates can completely change what information they want to see on the main Affiliate Dashboard page. The Dashboard options allow them to change what information is shown, including Quick Links, basic stats, and account information. Affiliates can also choose what date range to grab statistics from, as well as how to display their affiliate statistics.

  • Choose Between Encoded and Non-Encoded Link Codes

    Affiliates can choose to promote your sites using secure encoded affiliate links or editable non-encoded plain text affiliate links. The secure links are shorter and most new affiliates prefer them, but experienced affiliates prefer to edit their own links.

  • Full Campaign Tracking with Unlimited Campaigns

    NATS lets your affiliates create as many tracking campaigns as they want. Then they can use their campaigns for any site and any program. Affiliates may compare statistics between two or more campaigns to see which of their promotions is most effective.

  • User-friendly Quick Link System

    Bookmark any affiliate-side page in NATS 4.1 with the brand-new Quick Links feature. This lets affiliates get to any NATS affiliate page in a single click.

  • Ad Tools Wizard

    Affiliates get Ad tools using the ad tools wizard. They choose a program and a campaign, and NATS shows them a list of the sites in the program and the adtools available for each site. Then the affiliate can choose the type of adtool they want.

  • Edit Account Information

    Affiliates may view and edit their account details after they log into the affiliate program. This lets them to make changes to their account on their own—saving administration time.

  • Hosted Gallery Dump Tool with Configurable Format

    More than just a list of your galleries, NATS lets affiliates get a text dump of your galleries in any format they want. This lets your affiliates quickly and easily import all of your galleries into their software.

  • Bulk Import of Adtools

    You can import multiple adtools by pasting a simple comma-separated list into NATS.

  • Verification Before Changing Affiliate Details

    NATS can send the affiliate a confirmation before letting anyone change their information. This helps prevent hackers from changing the affiliate's payment information without the affiliate's knowledge.

  • Account Change Log

    Give your affiliates more security and transparency with the NATS account change logs, which track every action taken on a NATS affiliate account, as well as when the account was changed, who changed it, and what exactly was changed. This helps to prevent fraudulent actions.

  • Affiliate Login History

    Let your affiliates make sure that they're the only ones on their account with the Affiliate Login History page. This lists the date that each login on that account occurred, the day that it occurred, the time, and the IP that was used to log in.

  • Affiliate Documentation and FAQ/Help Section

    Learn how to get the most out of the NATS 4.1 affiliate interface with our thorough technical documentation. NATS also now features a wide variety of FAQs within the software, which allows you to find useful information without leaving NATS.

  • Affiliate Documents

    NATS lets you upload documents to specific affiliates. For example, you can send your affiliates their end-of-year tax information in PDF format.

  • W-9 Tracking

    NATS can prevent an affiliate's account from being activated until after they submit a valid W-9 form to the administrator.

  • News and Announcements

    You can send news and announcements to a specific affiliate or all affiliates. NATS automatically sends notifications to the program owner if it encounters a problem. News and notifications are always displayed in NATS, but affiliates can choose to have their news and notifications also delivered to them by email.

  • Track Raw, Unique, and Qualified Clicks in Real Time

    NATS tracks raw hits, unique hits, and owner-defined qualified clicks in real time for both affiliates and admins.

  • Track Sign-ups in Real Time

    Both affiliate and administrator statistic reports show member sign-ups in real time as they happen.

  • Track Conversions, Rebills, Credits, and Chargebacks Live as Billers Report Them

    Because each biller reports recurring transactions differently, their reports come in at different intervals. As soon as NATS learns of a transaction from a biller, it immediately posts the information in both affiliate and admin statistics and reports.

  • Full Tracking of Referring URLs

    When a consumer clicks a linkcode, NATS keeps track of the referring URL so that you can see which URLs generate the most traffic and sign-ups.

  • Correlative Tracking Using IP Address, User Agent, Cookie, and Query String

    Other software can't handle the hodgepodge of new mobile technology and private Web browsing that make it increasingly difficult to track consumers, but NATS correlates information from HTTP cookies, query strings, IP addresses, and browser user agents to track consumers even if they disable javascript, cookies, and kill their web browser session. Your affiliates know NATS tracks their referrals no matter what happens.

  • Demographic Statistics Reports

    NATS uses geographic IP address tracking and reporting to show you where your customers and referrals come from. Results are displayed on an interactive map that lets you zoom in on a region to see the most detailed stats.

  • Overview and Detailed Reports

    NATS shows affiliates their statistics in activity charts, interactive graphs, detailed comparisons, date-based trends, and animated maps.

  • Exportable Reports

    Reports and report data can be exported so that you can view or process them in an external application.

  • Activity Reports

    You can keep track of your affiliates and members using NATS's built-in activity reports. The log shows when they log in and how long they stay.

  • IP Address Tracking

    NATS keeps track of all IP address so you can detect when affiliates are abusing the system.

  • Fraud Points System

    NATS assigns points to affiliates based a number of criteria. The fraud points system works with our Fraud Report to let you spot affiliates who send risky or fraudulent sign-ups. Decreasing fraud is a great way to improve your program's overall profit.

  • Fraud Report

    NATS's fraud report contains helps you find and evaluate potential fraudulent affiliates. By combining this feature with the other anti-fraud features contained in NATS, you can easily secure your affiliate program against fraudulent activity.

  • Allowed and Disallowed Countries for Security

    You may forbid surfers from specific countries from signing up and you can easily redirect them to another sites.

  • Billers Admin

    The billers admin lets you configure the payment processors you want to use in NATS. You can also configure your cascades and indicate which sites should use those cascades. One cascade can hold multiple billers and each biller can be part of multiple cascades; one site can use multiple cascades and each cascade can be part of multiple sites—this design gives you maximum flexibility.

  • Over 65 Integrated Payment Platforms

    NATS supports over 65 different payment processors so that you can increase the number of sign-ups by offering multiple payments methods. Please browse our list of supported billers.

  • Unlimited Cascades

    You can create an unlimited number of cascades. You can add cascades to any site, and you can quickly modify the cascade to move a biller to the front, back, or middle of the cascade. Each cascade can contain as many billing options as you want.

  • Cascade between any Processor and Payment Method

    NATS can cascade from a credit card to a check processor, from a check processor to a dialer, or any other combination.

  • All Billers Can Cascade

    You can add any biller to a cascade. It doesn't matter whether they process credit cards, checks, dialers, or another type of payment. Giving your consumers more payment choices is one of the best ways to increase the chance they'll buy from you.

  • Random Weighted Cascades

    You can assign multiple cascades to a site with different weights. For example, you can send 25% of your traffic to Cascade One and the other 75% to Cascade Two. You may want to do this to spread your transactions more evenly across multiple processors or to test the sign-up rates of a new biller.

  • Geo-Targeted Cascades and Cascade Steps

    NATS can geo-target cascades to specific countries so you can create a cascade without credit cards for countries where surfers don't usually have a Visa or MasterCard. You can also add a cascade that sends surfers to a credit card sign-up; if the credit card sign-up fails, the cascade sends American surfers to a check processor and non-American surfers to dialers.

  • Support for Full Cascading of all Information

    As with all features of NATS, you can configure the amount data you collect to use for your cascades. Any information you collect on your pre-join form gets sent to each biller the cascade uses. This lets your consumers enter their account information once no matter how many different billers they visit before buying.

  • Shopping Cart Integration

    NATS works with any third-party shopping cart. Referrals made to the shopping cart are tracked by NATS and the affiliate is given credit for the shopping cart one-time sales. Shopping cart records can be associated with member records so that the original referring affiliate receives credit when the member comes back.

  • Gateway Biller Support

    NATS can host the entire join page on your server using our integrated gateway biller support. After surfers fill out the form and submit it, NATS sends their financial information to the biller and receives the biller's response—the consumer never has to leave the NATS pre-join page.

  • Automatic Polling

    Every several hours, NATS automatically goes out and gets a list of recently completed transactions, credits, and chargebacks from your billers so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

  • Recent Poll Status

    The status of your recent polls—whether the poll succeeded and how many transactions it retrieved—can be viewed from within NATS. NATS will also send you a notification when a poll fails for any reason so that you can fix the problem and keep your records up-to-date.

  • Dialers, Invoicers, and SMS—Oh My!

    NATS supports every different type of biller so you can create a program for any situation.

  • Biller Charges Reporting

    After you enter into NATS the fees your biller charges, NATS can reduce affiliate profit sharing payouts accordingly. This completely fair method lets you share your costs with the affiliate to create a program that is both more equitable and profitable.

  • Extra Biller Fields Support

    NATS lets you send custom parameters to any of your billers. If the biller supports a special feature, NATS lets you access that feature so that you can use advanced biller features.

  • Offer Multi-site Access when Joining One Site

    NATS member management lets you offer your customers access to one, two, three, or more sites when they join one. It's up to you to decide how many sites you want your members to access.

  • Cancel Offers

    Cancel offers let you offer your cancelling members a chance to continue their membership at a discounted membership rate or with other benefits to convince them not to cancel.

  • Join Form Exit Offers

    You can offer potential customers a discount or special offer before they leave your pre-join form as a last ditch effort to convince them to sign-up. When you offer a consumer a special offer, you can change the amount you pay the affiliate for the sale accordingly.

  • Multiple Subscriptions Per Member

    Each member record in NATS can keep track of multiple transactions, so that the original referring affiliate can get credit for their member's future transactions. Guaranteeing your affiliates payments for future transactions from the member is a great way to attract high-performance affiliates.

  • Custom Member Variables Stored in NATS Database

    You can add custom attributes to members which are stored in the NATS database.

  • Unlimited Upgrades for Leased Clients

    All of our clients who lease NATS get unlimited upgrades at no extra charge. Clients who purchase NATS outright get one year of unlimited upgrades and the opportunity to purchase additional upgrades later.

  • Unlimited Tickets for Leased Clients

    All of our clients who lease NATS get unlimited support at no extra charge. Clients who purchase NATS outright get one year of unlimited support and the opportunity to purchase support upgrades later.

  • A LAMP Application

    NATS runs on the popular Internet commerce platform, LAMP—Linux (or Unix), Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

  • Multiple Database Support

    NATS can run off multiple databases hosted on multiple servers to support complete scalability.

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