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Lease-Based Licensing

Lease-based licensing gives you a low start-up cost with an ongoing monthly licensing fee. The start-up cost for installation, setup, and training is $500; the lease costs $150 a month.

One-time Licensing

One-time licensing lets you pay more up-front but avoid the monthly fee. It includes one year of unlimited support tickets and unlimited phone support, and you may purchase additional one year support contracts at any time. A one-time license costs $3,500 and includes installation, setup, and training.


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CARMA Highlights

The Relative Date Publish Mode uses the member's join date to determine what content the member sees. The first time a member logs in, they see the same content as every other member on their first day. On their fifteenth day, the member can see the same content as every other fifteenth-day member. A first day and fifteenth day member may see different content.

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