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Too Much Media's content management system, CARMA (Content Administration and Release Management Application) is an efficient way to manage and publish your content on your membership based websites. It has never been easier to publish new pictures, videos, stories, or third-party content on your sites with little upfront effort and nearly zero ongoing effort.

  • CARMA Overall Summary

    The first page you see after you log into CARMA gives you a quick overview of your content. You will see totals for your picture sets, video sets, actors, and other information. You also see a calendar that highlights your upcoming content updates. This calendar can show a summary for all your sites or one specific site.

  • Content Set Management

    CARMA shows all types of content sets in a format which lets you quickly see the important statistics and publication dates for the content sets. From here, you can view a specific content set in detail, choose to make modifications to the set or its data, or start or stop the publishing of a content set.

  • Video Set Management

    Video sets in CARMA can have as many formats as you want. You can offer multiple file types and bit rates to accommodate a wide range of customers. CARMA can automatically create as many video thumbnails as you want to use in previewing and linking to your videos.

  • Rating System

    Members can bookmark their favorite content in CARMA. The favorite content appears in a special section and the administrator can see statistics about what content members most often mark as favorites.

  • Member Comments

    You can let members add comments to content sets. Other members and the admins can see these comments.

  • News and Notifications

    You can post news to your members from inside CARMA.

  • Member Feedback

    You can add polls to your member area to get direct feedback from your users about new or planned features or content.

  • Watermarking

    CARMA includes built-in support for adding watermarks to individual images and entire content sets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Flash Videos

    CARMA continues to lead the industry in support for generating Flash videos.

  • Image and Video Thumbnailing

    CARMA can create image or video thumbnails automatically from any of your image files.

  • Actors

    CARMA keeps track of the actors you specific in content sets. You can add attributes to the actor to make them easily searchable and a thumbnail to make them easily identifiable by members.

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CARMA Highlights

The Relative Date Publish Mode uses the member's join date to determine what content the member sees. The first time a member logs in, they see the same content as every other member on their first day. On their fifteenth day, the member can see the same content as every other fifteenth-day member. A first day and fifteenth day member may see different content.

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