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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 10 August 2020 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released August 10th 2020 (2020-08-10)
    * Added the ability for expired subscriptions to upsell with PAYZE
    * Added additional checks on NATS upgrader for Epoch dataplus
    * Added config setting DISABLE_NATS5_UI_API_LOGGING to disable recording logs for REST API calls originating from NATS5 UI
    * Added config setting DISABLE_NATS5_ADMIN_VIEW_LOGGING to disable recording admin action logs for REST API calls originating from NATS5 UI
    * Addressed an issue when saving the target country or exclude the country of a Cascade Step in NATS5
    * Addressed malformed query when passing most_recently_accessed_only=1 through SignupPlus for members with multiple subscriptions
    * Addressed an issue where some encrypted IP addresses logged for member logins were not recorded correctly
    * Changed the ‘site’ label on the advanced member search form in the NATS 4 interface to be in bold (like the rest of the labels)
    * Modified the Payze blacklist error message
    * Updated upsell timeout for RGNative and RocketGate
    * Updated RGNATIVE upsell to support 2 different merchant account process
    * Updated the NATS display of the “Member Expire Pad” value, and all the “Member Expire Pad BILLERSHORT” values noting that the respective day settings will not be used when the primary setting is enabled
    * Updated the member expires padding default from MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD_DAYS (1) to MEMBER_EXPIRE_PAD (TRUE) for new installs only; existing installs are not affected
    * Updated NATS mailer to allow for smarty in the nice name
    * Updated the checks NATS performs on biller specific required form fields for TokenPlus
    * Updated config admin display for description, warning and wiki URL
    * Updated warnings for Vendo/Vservices config on “NO_CREATE_AUTOMATIC_MEMBER” setting and updated config admin display for description, warnings, and wiki URL

  • 25 June 2020 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released June 25th 2020 (2020-06-25)
    * Added a form field verification function to check for valid CVV
    * Added the Delete Member functionality to NATS5 This can be found on the main member list and the member overview
    * Added the ability for Admins to ban a members IP address at an IGM biller through the N5 admin
    * Added the sync feature for Site-specific details like site/tour settings and join options with IGM billers within NATS5
    * Added additional IGM Biller details and functionality to the Member Overview (Biller Details, Cancel Subscription, Ban CC, Refund Transaction)
    * Added Quick search for IGM Biller specific Member Details within the NATS5 admin
    * Added the ability to verify IGM billers from the NATS5 Admin
    * Added a feature to many pages across N5 that give admins small tips on how to use the page
    * Added the CCBin Redirect functionality into the NATS5 admin
    * Added an "Expand All" button on the member subscription list to help view all the payouts associated with all the subscriptions on the page
    * Added popovers within many forms to quickly navigate to affiliates/members/sites/etc right from the data within the report
    * Added new Payze event type for merchant account switch
    * Added feature to handle missing postback process in poll Rocketgate script for the initial sale
    * Addressed issue where extended sales were not shown in the affiliate subscription breakdown stats for NCR and third-party registration signups
    * Addressed issues on the Add and Edit Rule pages
    * Addressed an issue with the collapse button in the top left of the page
    * Addressed issues using the Advanced Search Bar
    * Addressed pagination issues when viewing a list of ad tools
    * Addressed issues found on the Add and Edit Cascade Step forms
    * Addressed issues found when updating the New Program field on the Coupon Overview
    * Addressed a display issue when viewing the list of Payout changes for a program
    * Addressed an issue found on the Cross and Up Sale Overviews where the data did not refresh properly after making a change
    * Addressed an issue with the affiliate URL link displayed on the Affiliate Overview
    * Addressed an issue with the name of a site or program mistakenly converted to a date Ex: "ZA Site For Testing 181212" displayed as "Jan 1, 181212"
    * Addressed issue with large text in messages and notifications to ensure it displays properly
    * Addressed issues with the Next and Previous buttons found at the top of the Admin Actions page
    * Addressed issues with the Next and Previous buttons found at the top of the Member Overview
    * Addressed an issue with 3rd Party Bills not showing in the NATS5 Admin, as well as not saving properly in the NATS4 admin
    * Adjusted the Add Join Option form to ensure admins can not set up read-only fields
    * Adjusted the text on the page to ensure admins on they are Disabling a Cross or Up Sale and not Deleting it
    * Corrected a display issue on the affiliate edit page
    * Disabled autocomplete for the field to ensure the same code is not entered by mistake
    * Removed mislabelled action menus and customization notes on the Configuration admin
    * Removed the Advanced Search Bar from the Rule list pages It will be added back with full functionality in a future release
    * Removed the old Preview Template link when viewing a list of templates within the Skins and Templates admin
    * Removed the thumbnail on the Site and Tour Overview pages since they were not functioning properly Will be added back in in a future release
    * Updated Verotel script for cancel/expired process
    * Updated the 'Actual Affiliate Payments' report to 'Affiliate Liability Details'
    * Updated Weight so it can be configured on more types of cascades within NATS, and not just "Normal" cascades
    * Updated the Tour Overview to make it easier to edit the base tour information
    * Updated the system that quickly displays information about sites, members, affiliates, etc
    * Updated all text to read Up Sale instead of UpSell
    * Updated internal components and plugins used throughout the project
    * Updated many pages to ensure they load properly without passing special URL parameters
    * Updated the Add Site to not allow tour URL or Linkdomain for affiliate type sites
    * Updated the text on the Message List page to ensure admins know what they will be searching within their message
    * Updated the text on the Notification List page to ensure admins know what they will be searching within the notifications
    * Updated tooltips throughout the admin

  • 16 April 2020 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released April 16th 2020 (2020-04-16)
    * Added support for third party partner outgoing xsells and upsells
    * Added token credit process for Paygarden
    * Added refund process for Braintree poll script
    * Added support for google recaptcha v2 to the member signup process
    * Added support for third party partner outgoing xsells and upsells
    * Added check against payze setting to determine whether or not require cvv on tokenplus signups for Payze
    * Added timeout config setting for billapay, bill1st, mobius, segpaygateway and prime orage poll scripts
    * Addressed an issue that caused some surfers to be sent directly to the denial page when choosing a special biller/join option
    * Addressed a possible issue with Description field default value having spaces instead of empty when creating a new adtool
    * Addressed a problem with manually aproving Affiliate payvia details
    * Addressed bulk import on Gallery Builder multi selecting sites issue
    * Addressed issue with chargeback rev for ConnectBilling
    * Addressed recal refcode feature for Cbilling
    * Addressed autocomplete on 2FA Token fields by disabling it
    * Updated Surfer actions to now record upgradeplus errors from gateway billers
    * Updated initial sale member email from mailer queues to immediately send out
    * Updated Rocketgate poll to process auth sale transaction
    * Updated error display RG and Vendo script
    * Updated Rocketgate library
    * Updated Rocketgate script with correct xml response
    * Updated how NATS checks for Gocoin option id on postback
    * Updated viewing linkcode 'details' in the Affiliate's area to now reflect the exact order of payout changes that are available in the admin area
    * Updated how we look up the billerid when we poll for Argus
    * Updated member admin display on email count
    * Updated CCBILL delay postback setting under site admin
    * Updated how NATS records the Transactionid from Verotel on Chargeback/Credit process

  • 17 February 2020 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released February 17th 2020 (2020-02-17)
    * Addressed where bandwidth usage for zip downloads wasn't being recorded as expected
    * Addressed CCBILLFF rebill amount lookup
    * Addressed the display of information in Support Admin where it failed to update
    * Addressed where backups were not being created when cleaning up tables in the Maintenance Admin
    * Addressed the update of billers set IPs on retry attempts
    * Addressed the session variable value on the gateway_join_check, gateway_join_check_mobile, and gateway_onestep_join default site templates
    * Corrected possible issue where the cronjob to update Biller IPs wouldn't run at expected times
    * Corrected the tax lookup feature where the incorrect country was used when using the billing country
    * Corrected the recording of WebBilling xsell postbacks
    * Corrected issue with admin actions page not loading when a log has a bad entry
    * Corrected NCR email checkbox display
    * Corrected the affiliate payout verification when there are multiple payout tiers for the same program
    * Updated build payment logic to handle the minimum payout for all affiliates even they did not make any sale recently
    * Updated TMM office IP list
    * Updated how we compile the list of available offers we send to Vservices payment page
    * Updated Safecharge xsell process with a security check

  • 27 January 2020 New Address

    We moved our office to a new location. Here is our new address. Please use it going forward for all correspondence.

    371 Hoes Ln
    Suite 207
    Piscataway, NJ 08854