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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 27 January 2020 New Address

    We moved our office to a new location. Here is our new address. Please use it going forward for all correspondence.

    371 Hoes Ln
    Suite 207
    Piscataway, NJ 08854

  • 03 January 2020 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released December 12th 2019 (2020-01-03)
    * Added new feature to allow a new slave database connection dedicated to the REST API
    * Added filtering by affiliate group on the profit loss report REST API (already available on the profit loss report in the reporting admin)
    * Added feature to allow shopping cart and extended sales to handle affiliate additional passthrough
    * Added config settings to optimize queries to get the table structure
    * Addressed case where Segpay was sent the wrong eticketid
    * Addressed and optimized queries to get the structure of a table
    * Addressed the display of biller errors on the default gateway_join template
    * Addressed NBNative upgrade plus issue
    * Addressed where denial template is sometimes shown when a canceled payze subscription is reactivated
    * Addressed API filter by custom fields
    * Addressed where 'period' parameter would not update when using the 'email dump' advanced affiliate search
    * Addressed display of error message on blank coupon codes
    * Addressed where affiliate password may not send when requested on the affiliate signup email
    * Addressed the display for adtools with custom fields
    * Addressed uploading thumbnails from URL for programs
    * Addressed the display of the SBW merchant id in the NATS notification about the SBW poll failure
    * Addressed where affiliate adtool dumps were not being generated for fields that were selected
    * Addressed the rotating iframe template not being available as an option when editing adtools
    * Addressed the display of NCR join options in the affiliate area
    * Addressed the delete member action in the member admin
    * Updated subscription passthrough variables to always be enabled for Affiliates
    * Updated the token site upsell process for Segpay
    * Updated the default NATS logo by removing the sticker (displaying the version) and the marketing tag lines
    * Updated join options to display alphabetically while creating a new payout change in NATS 4 admin
    * Updated CCBILLFF dynamic fields for onetime join options
    * Updated the display for errors when editing unique fields in the Biller Admin
    * Updated the Argus merchantID field to not be required for cross-sales

  • 12 December 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released December 12th 2019 (2019-12-12)
    *Updated tables partitioned by date in the NATS database
    *Updated Epoch upsell URL
    *Updated the backend library that controls NATS5 to ensure a faster and better experience
    *Updated the Ad Tool Asset Overview, Cross/Up Sales Overview, and Configuration Admin to make it easier to change many pieces of data at once
    *Updated Reports now allowing the use of Freeform periods and dates. They can also be saved within your custom reports
    *Updated Payvia Types so they can now be connected to multiple Dump Formats
    *Updated Payments so Admins can now easily download or view their payment dumps on the Payments Due / Stored page
    *Updated issue where the dump icon does not show on a custom video hosted adtool
    *Updated TMM office IPs
    *Updated Nocc as a deprecated biller in NATS
    *Added a config that allows for setting an array of surfer languages. All languages in this config will be skipped and the surfer will use the default language set in NATS.
    *Added Bulk Import and Bulk Update Ad Tools into NATS5 with an easier to use interface
    *Added a "page tour" feature on a few pages to start Program Overview, and the Site Management pages
    *Added CCBILLFF packaegplus support
    *Added Processing Type(s) for display on the Biller Overview
    *Added a top button to the footer for easier navigation
    *Added 2-factor authentication to the Affiliate Overview in the NATS 5 Admin
    *Added specific email settings for Affiliate Mailers and Member Mailers
    *Added configurations 'SKIP_LANGUAGE' to skip specific language(s) from being used & 'BROWSER_LANGUAGE_DEFAULT' to set a specific default browser language to use instead
    *Addressed token rebuy issue for Centrobill
    *Addressed a few issues within the Advanced Search feature
    *Addressed an issue with the Rules Tab on the Adtool Asset Overview
    *Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
    *Addressed an issue with multi-select boxes when using older iOS devices
    *Addressed an issue when adding Payout Changes to a Program
    *Addressed an issue on the Details Tab of the Affiliate Overview
    *Addressed an issue where affiliate names were missing in NATS4 Members Admin search results
    *Addressed possible issue with the reuse member username setting and the member had used an in-house affiliate link. When the member joins again using the same username but a different affiliate track link, NATS may incorrectly use the in-house affiliate data from the existing subscription
    *Addressed possible issue with Vendo & Vservices where member's email addresses were using an encoded value

  • 06 August 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released August 5th 2019 (2019-08-05)
    Changes since last news update include:
    *Updated advanced search now allows admins to type their search instead of having to use the menu structure
    *Updated URL where we retrieve allowed ip's for Zombaio postbacks
    *Updated all reports now allow for sorting.
    *Added a Smarty function that can be used in payvia dump formats as well as in the affiliate area that provides site, site group or program breakdown given a list of payments
    *Added nats5 to the list of automatically allowed sub-domains
    *Added site redirects to NATS5
    *Added a new tab on all Site Overview pages to display each redirect
    *Improved the Add and Edit forms to make it more clear which fields are required and what is going to happen when actually adding the new redirect
    *Improved the Advanced Search feature found on many pages. For example, the Member List page
    *Updated the menu display/structure displayed while creating the Key, Operator, value search combination has been improved
    *Addressed an issue when adding and saving the program type "Type-In traffic", as well as improved the display of all the Rule pages across the entire app
    *Addressed design improvements for small, medium and large size screens
    *Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
    *Addressed issues with Rules and Type-In Traffic
    *Addressed potential issue on getting rules for deleted adtools

  • 17 July 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released July 16th 2019 (2019-07-16)
    Changes since last news update include:
    *Added two new reports: Affiliate Ratio Report and Transaction Report
    *Added CSV dumps for all reports
    *Added support for MaxMind's GeoIP-2 php library
    *Added an allowed value of 0 for the RocketGate and RGNative SiteID variable
    *Added more details to the field list, specifically within Multiple Choice field types
    *Added Bank Transaction ID as a search option in the Member Biller Search section
    *Added Section/Group Editing to the Payments and Affiliates overview. This should allow for easier editing of grouped information
    *Added sorting for outgoing cross sales, but not if the filtering order is changed
    *Added Pagination/Sorting/Filtering to the Coupon List
    *Updated many plugins and core functionality within the app. THis also allowed us to improve features like the Date Picker, Modal windows, and dynamic menus throughout the app
    *Updated the rule management system across all asset types in NATS. This will allow for easier management of rules throughout the software
    *Updated the Display Template and Form Template on the Ad Tool Asset Overview
    *Updated and made improvements within all reports, including small changes to pagination and filtering
    *Updated payoutchanges for special programs so they can no longer be added
    *Updated the list of allowed IPs for Payze
    *Updated 3xpromo notifications to be configuratble and disabled by default
    *Updated TMM office ips
    *Updated Taxes can now be managed for Billers
    *Updated Video Secrets NATS 3rd party integration to Flirt4Free and redid the integration using the updated Flirt4Free system
    *Updated Gocoin signup url
    *Updated encryption method for FXNATIVE and Cbilling
    *Updated the news feed to always use https
    *Updated the display of payout changes to include processing type
    *Updated the display of the "Set Start Page" modal has been cleaned up and is more clear
    *Updated the Cross Sale Overview to include additional information for each up and cross sale
    *Updated how admins set Paid and Stored dates for a payment to allow you to remove the dates properly
    *Updated the step count so it's now being displayed properly
    *Updated the payment details moving them to the payments tab
    *Addressed the Rules Tab content so it now loads properly when going directly to the page
    *Addressed an issue on the Affiliate Group Overview filter bar
    *Addressed an issue found if you go to the Mailer Rule tab directly
    *Addressed an issue allowing all types of Cross and Up Sales to be sorted, instead of just Outgoing Cross Sales
    *Addressed an issue where admins can not set an expiration for a Never Joined subscription
    *Addressed issue found within the left hand navigation if you click on the some pasges multiple times in a row
    *Addressed a rare issue found with the English language file not loading properly
    *Addressed issues when clicking links in the top header (for Messages, Notification, and the Show Right Menu icon)
    *Addressed a display issue in N5 after changing a category name or the order of your categories
    *Addressed an issue with the Date Picker when using Firefox
    *Addressed an issue with Epoch currency conversions
    *Addressed an issue with filtering members by Cascade
    *Addressed a gateway onestep signup failure on reused member records
    *Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
    *Addressed the display of the 'active by default' checkbox when editing join options
    *Addressed clicking the search icon so it should always submit the search form
    *Addressed an issue when using the filter bar on the Payouts Tab (in the Program Overview).
    *Addressed an issue where even when a text search (like Address =) is not complete the search criteria was still displayed in the advanced search bar with undefined
    *Addressed an issue found when clicking between tabs
    *Addressed a small issue after clicking a tab multiple times
    *Addressed a small issue found in the Account Rep modal window
    *Addressed an issue with the display of some biller fields when managing a join option. This affected both NATS4 and NATS5 but has now been addressed
    *Extended the IP verification system to third parties
    *Admins can no longer edit personal member details when "Disable Storing Personal Member Information" is enabled for a site
    *Admins can lock and unlock members. When locked, admins cannot edit primary details about the account
    *Admins can now view Taxes, Processing types, and Coupons for each member subscription
    *Admins can type in their search criteria instead of forcing them to use the displayed menus to select their search
    *Admins can no longer delete their own account or override as them self
    *Admins were able to select multiple matching Key/Value pairs, even though NATS only allows 1. For example: "site = X" and "site = Y". This has been addressed to only allow 1 key/value paid for each key
    *Manually disabling a member's trial flag no longer sends a member rebilled email
    *Manually reactivating an expired member now sends an User Management ACTIVATE call instead of MANUALADD
    *Manually reactivating an expired member no longer posts a member's details to their site's Approval Post URL
    *Manually reactivating an expired member no longer sends a member joined email