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News about Too Much Media products and related technology.

  • 03 January 2020 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released December 12th 2019 (2020-01-03)
    * Added new feature to allow a new slave database connection dedicated to the REST API
    * Added filtering by affiliate group on the profit loss report REST API (already available on the profit loss report in the reporting admin)
    * Added feature to allow shopping cart and extended sales to handle affiliate additional passthrough
    * Added config settings to optimize queries to get the table structure
    * Addressed case where Segpay was sent the wrong eticketid
    * Addressed and optimized queries to get the structure of a table
    * Addressed the display of biller errors on the default gateway_join template
    * Addressed NBNative upgrade plus issue
    * Addressed where denial template is sometimes shown when a canceled payze subscription is reactivated
    * Addressed API filter by custom fields
    * Addressed where 'period' parameter would not update when using the 'email dump' advanced affiliate search
    * Addressed display of error message on blank coupon codes
    * Addressed where affiliate password may not send when requested on the affiliate signup email
    * Addressed the display for adtools with custom fields
    * Addressed uploading thumbnails from URL for programs
    * Addressed the display of the SBW merchant id in the NATS notification about the SBW poll failure
    * Addressed where affiliate adtool dumps were not being generated for fields that were selected
    * Addressed the rotating iframe template not being available as an option when editing adtools
    * Addressed the display of NCR join options in the affiliate area
    * Addressed the delete member action in the member admin
    * Updated subscription passthrough variables to always be enabled for Affiliates
    * Updated the token site upsell process for Segpay
    * Updated the default NATS logo by removing the sticker (displaying the version) and the marketing tag lines
    * Updated join options to display alphabetically while creating a new payout change in NATS 4 admin
    * Updated CCBILLFF dynamic fields for onetime join options
    * Updated the display for errors when editing unique fields in the Biller Admin
    * Updated the Argus merchantID field to not be required for cross-sales

  • 12 December 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released December 12th 2019 (2019-12-12)
    *Updated tables partitioned by date in the NATS database
    *Updated Epoch upsell URL
    *Updated the backend library that controls NATS5 to ensure a faster and better experience
    *Updated the Ad Tool Asset Overview, Cross/Up Sales Overview, and Configuration Admin to make it easier to change many pieces of data at once
    *Updated Reports now allowing the use of Freeform periods and dates. They can also be saved within your custom reports
    *Updated Payvia Types so they can now be connected to multiple Dump Formats
    *Updated Payments so Admins can now easily download or view their payment dumps on the Payments Due / Stored page
    *Updated issue where the dump icon does not show on a custom video hosted adtool
    *Updated TMM office IPs
    *Updated Nocc as a deprecated biller in NATS
    *Added a config that allows for setting an array of surfer languages. All languages in this config will be skipped and the surfer will use the default language set in NATS.
    *Added Bulk Import and Bulk Update Ad Tools into NATS5 with an easier to use interface
    *Added a “page tour” feature on a few pages to start… Program Overview, and the Site Management pages
    *Added CCBILLFF packaegplus support
    *Added Processing Type(s) for display on the Biller Overview
    *Added a top button to the footer for easier navigation
    *Added 2-factor authentication to the Affiliate Overview in the NATS 5 Admin
    *Added specific email settings for Affiliate Mailers and Member Mailers
    *Added configurations 'SKIP_LANGUAGE' to skip specific language(s) from being used & 'BROWSER_LANGUAGE_DEFAULT' to set a specific default browser language to use instead
    *Addressed token rebuy issue for Centrobill
    *Addressed a few issues within the Advanced Search feature
    *Addressed an issue with the Rules Tab on the Adtool Asset Overview
    *Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
    *Addressed an issue with multi-select boxes when using older iOS devices
    *Addressed an issue when adding Payout Changes to a Program
    *Addressed an issue on the Details Tab of the Affiliate Overview
    *Addressed an issue where affiliate names were missing in NATS4 Members Admin search results
    *Addressed possible issue with the reuse member username setting and the member had used an in-house affiliate link. When the member joins again using the same username but a different affiliate track link, NATS may incorrectly use the in-house affiliate data from the existing subscription
    *Addressed possible issue with Vendo & Vservices where member's email addresses were using an encoded value

  • 06 August 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released August 5th 2019 (2019-08-05)
    Changes since last news update include:
    *Updated advanced search now allows admins to type their search instead of having to use the menu structure
    *Updated URL where we retrieve allowed ip's for Zombaio postbacks
    *Updated all reports now allow for sorting.
    *Added a Smarty function that can be used in payvia dump formats as well as in the affiliate area that provides site, site group or program breakdown given a list of payments
    *Added nats5 to the list of automatically allowed sub-domains
    *Added site redirects to NATS5
    *Added a new tab on all Site Overview pages to display each redirect
    *Improved the Add and Edit forms to make it more clear which fields are required and what is going to happen when actually adding the new redirect
    *Improved the Advanced Search feature found on many pages. For example, the Member List page
    *Updated the menu display/structure displayed while creating the Key, Operator, value search combination has been improved
    *Addressed an issue when adding and saving the program type "Type-In traffic", as well as improved the display of all the Rule pages across the entire app
    *Addressed design improvements for small, medium and large size screens
    *Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
    *Addressed issues with Rules and Type-In Traffic
    *Addressed potential issue on getting rules for deleted adtools

  • 17 July 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released July 16th 2019 (2019-07-16)
    Changes since last news update include:
    *Added two new reports: Affiliate Ratio Report and Transaction Report
    *Added CSV dumps for all reports
    *Added support for MaxMind's GeoIP-2 php library
    *Added an allowed value of 0 for the RocketGate and RGNative SiteID variable
    *Added more details to the field list, specifically within Multiple Choice field types
    *Added �Bank Transaction ID� as a search option in the Member Biller Search section
    *Added Section/Group Editing to the Payments and Affiliates overview. This should allow for easier editing of grouped information
    *Added sorting for outgoing cross sales, but not if the filtering order is changed
    *Added Pagination/Sorting/Filtering to the Coupon List
    *Updated many plugins and core functionality within the app. THis also allowed us to improve features like the Date Picker, Modal windows, and dynamic menus throughout the app
    *Updated the rule management system across all asset types in NATS. This will allow for easier management of rules throughout the software
    *Updated the Display Template and Form Template on the Ad Tool Asset Overview
    *Updated and made improvements within all reports, including small changes to pagination and filtering
    *Updated payoutchanges for special programs so they can no longer be added
    *Updated the list of allowed IPs for Payze
    *Updated 3xpromo notifications to be configuratble and disabled by default
    *Updated TMM office ips
    *Updated Taxes can now be managed for Billers
    *Updated Video Secrets NATS 3rd party integration to Flirt4Free and redid the integration using the updated Flirt4Free system
    *Updated Gocoin signup url
    *Updated encryption method for FXNATIVE and Cbilling
    *Updated the news feed to always use https
    *Updated the display of payout changes to include processing type
    *Updated the display of the "Set Start Page" modal has been cleaned up and is more clear
    *Updated the Cross Sale Overview to include additional information for each up and cross sale
    *Updated how admins set Paid and Stored dates for a payment to allow you to remove the dates properly
    *Updated the step count so it's now being displayed properly
    *Updated the payment details moving them to the payments tab
    *Addressed the Rules Tab content so it now loads properly when going directly to the page
    *Addressed an issue on the Affiliate Group Overview filter bar
    *Addressed an issue found if you go to the Mailer Rule tab directly
    *Addressed an issue allowing all types of Cross and Up Sales to be sorted, instead of just Outgoing Cross Sales
    *Addressed an issue where admins can not set an expiration for a Never Joined subscription
    *Addressed issue found within the left hand navigation if you click on the some pasges multiple times in a row
    *Addressed a rare issue found with the English language file not loading properly
    *Addressed issues when clicking links in the top header (for Messages, Notification, and the Show Right Menu icon)
    *Addressed a display issue in N5 after changing a category name or the order of your categories
    *Addressed an issue with the Date Picker when using Firefox
    *Addressed an issue with Epoch currency conversions
    *Addressed an issue with filtering members by Cascade
    *Addressed a gateway onestep signup failure on reused member records
    *Addressed various issues for the new NATS APIs
    *Addressed the dsiplay of the 'active by default' checkbox when editing join options
    *Addressed clicking the search icon so it should always submit the search form
    *Addressed an issue when using the filter bar on the Payouts Tab (in the Program Overview).
    *Addressed an issue where even when a text search (like Address =) is not complete the search criteria was still displayed in the advanced search bar with undefined
    *Addressed an issue found when clicking between tabs
    *Addressed a small issue after clicking a tab multiple times
    *Addressed a small issue found in the Account Rep modal window
    *Addressed an issue with the display of some biller fields when managing a join option. This affected both NATS4 and NATS5 but has now been addressed
    *Extended the ip verification system to third parties
    *Admins can no longer edit personal member details when "Disable Storing Personal Member Information" is enabled for a site
    *Admins can lock and unlock members. When locked, admins cannot edit primary details about the account
    *Admins can now view Taxes, Processing types, and Coupons for each member subscription
    *Admins can type in their search criteria instead of forcing them to use the displayed menus to select their search
    *Admins can no longer delete their own account or override as themself
    *Admins were able to select multiple matching Key/Value pairs, even though NATS only allows 1. For example: "site = X" and "site = Y". This has been addressed to only allow 1 key/value paid for each key
    *Manually disabling a member's trial flag no longer sends a member rebilled email
    *Manually reactivating an expired member now sends an User Managmenet ACTIVATE call instead of MANUALADD
    *Manually reactivating an expired member no longer posts a member's details to their site's Approval Post URL
    *Manually reactivating an expired member no longer sends a member joined email

  • 30 April 2019 New NATS Version Available:

    A new version of NATS is now available.

    Released March 18th 2019 (2019-03-18)
    Changes since last news update include:
    *Release of the new NATS5 Admin interface
    *With the release of NATS5, you will be able to use the new NATS5 admin alongside your current NATS4 admin. You can also set which admin you would like as your default.
    *Added options to set php memory limits for admin reporting, the entire admin and the crons
    *Added 'all' to the reserved list for affiliate usernames
    *Added a default value for the ONLY_STORE_ON_PERIOD config setting (TRUE)
    *Added a way to remove header and footer templates when modifying other templates in the skins & templates admin
    *Added the ONLY_STORE_ON_PERIOD config setting to the home section of the config admin
    *Addressed an edge case when there are multiple affiliate payments on the same day for different types
    *Addressed an issue with the freeform date search in the members admin
    *Corrected an issue with reversal payout with chargeback/credit mult. times for the same transaction id.
    *Updated the checks for whether or not the main and the mailer NATS crons are running
    *Updated processing types for CentroBill
    added an http header with PROJECT_HOSTNAME and NATS_VERSION to the CentroBill redirects and requests