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NATS for Networks: Features

The NATS for Networks SaaS affiliate data tracking, analytics and management solution unites industry leading features of NATS with a flexible transaction model. Highly configurable, scalable and customizable, N4N offers everything you need to be successful. Learn more about some of the top features below and don't forget to schedule a demo for a complete look inside.

Powerful Affiliate Conversion Tracking

Easily set up the complete tracking process in a manner that best fits into your specific needs. Nats for Networks offers a wide array of options for Tracking Types, Postback Type and Special URLs.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

With our extensive, real-time reporting, you and your affiliates and advertisers will always know how your network is performing to the second, no matter how large your network is or grows to become. Know that you own all information that your network generates, so you can easily grab your data anywhere and at any time.

Extensive Administrator Reports > Precise Affiliate and Advertiser Reports > Real Time Reporting

Offers, Landing Pages, Domains

An offer is a product, service, or lead that a visitor can preview and complete. For many businesses, this may pertain to online shopping carts, collecting marketing leads, or even fulfilling call center orders. Commonly, offers are connected to a full page site that explains the offer/sale/conversion that will take place. This site where the surfer "lands" is considered the Landing Page.

Administrators And Employee Controls

Affiliate access level controls are a very useful tool for your network. If you want to give access to your own employees, managers, or even accountants, the process is easy and accounts are simple to manage. You can provide specific access and assign roles to your affiliates using the powerful permission system of Nats for Networks.

Creatives and Ad Management

With a few simple steps, it is easy for your Network to provide creative content directly to their affiliates. These creatives can range from a simple banner to a complete zip set of content pictures, copy, HTML or more.

API Libraries And Postbacks

Our entire API and postback system lets you integrate your own custom solutions into your network. The Nats for Networks API is constantly expanding, which you can leverage in any external system for both inbound and outbound data.

World Class Support

24/7 U.S. based in-house support is available via our support ticket system, telephone, or instant messenger. Not only will we troubleshoot any issue you encounter, we will happily assist you in configuring any aspect of your network.

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