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Introducing NATS for Networks

The Power of NATS for Your CPA Network

NATS for Networks is a SaaS-based affiliate tracking, analytics and management platform built specifically for the needs of CPA networks. The combination of real-time reporting, powerful features and unsurpassed 24/7 support allows you to operate efficiently and effectively.

What is Nats for Networks you ask?

For over a decade NATS has partnered with the world's largest membership sites in the adult industry to monitor subscriptions and manage affiliates. NATS for Networks combines the industry leading features you have come to rely on, with a flexible transaction model to provide the ultimate CPA Network solution available.

Flexible Workflow

We understand the need for diversity in your business's ability to create revenue. Nats for Networks (N4N) allows you to drive traffic to your offers or sign up other offers/networks so they can promote your offers to their affiliates. It's easy to add offers from other advertisers while using your affiliate base to drive traffic to them. All while recording conversions, continuities and custom transaction types to fit your business model.

Easily sign up other networks so they can promote your offers to their affiliates
Easily add offers from other advertisers and use your affiliate base to drive traffic to them

What do you want to track? We can track it!

CPA, Conversion Path, CPL, mobile vs browser types, Customer Retention Rate, form submission rate, engagements, CPC, Tracking, CPM, Funnel Abandon Rates (Abandonment), Free Trials, CTR, Channel-Specific Traffic (direct, referrals, organic, social), LTV (Lifetime Value), Sales, Segmented Conversion Rate, new customer tracking, newsletter signups, leads.

Keep Costs Down & Increase Profits

As an SaaS solution, gone are the days of IT infrastructure costs such as hardware, software and staff to manage your infrastructure. NATS for Networks is fully hosted by TMM therefore eliminating those costly expenses and raising your profit margins almost immediately! Too Much Media has provided award-winning software solutions and the highest quality support in the industry for over ten years, making our products as reliable as they are functional. You can rest easy knowing your business is in the best hands possible.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Setup - Easily create your network in as little as an hour
  2. Add your affiliates and recruit new affiliates to promote your offers
  3. Let your affiliates promote your offerings and watch your revenues grow
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